Boligna Furniture Shop

To refurbish the furniture shop, they needed a strong floor that would make the store’s design pieces stand out. The chosen Pergo floor accommodates those needs: it has a rustic look, a warm, wood-like feeling and durability that will allow it to last a lifetime.

The furniture store houses and displays many different styles, so it was vital for the new look to allow special pieces to stand out and others to blend in. After looking at samples from different suppliers, the Boligna team decided to go with Sand Beach Oak, a characterful vinyl with a soft finish. The material answers their needs: it looks neutral yet stylish, and is easy to maintain

As furniture is moved around a lot at Boligna, the shop floor has to be able to endure some stress. Large numbers of customers stroll through the shop every day, adding to durability requirements. The Pergo floor is up to it, though, even after moving everything around.

Dit project
  1. Categorie: Klasse 32 België Vinyl
  2. Land: Belgium
  3. Plaats: Poperinge
  4. Jaar:  2017

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